Our Story

Tealand Legend

In not so distant year 2004 a “Night Stars Trading” small tea company was founded in city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The founder, a passionate Russian woman Olga, who subsequently diverted a small, hardly noticeable firm into a mighty enterprise with its own brand, masterminded it.

When travelling abroad and visiting countries where tea is grown and where it is not but still having developed tea drinking culture, she would always find her own cup of tea. And she was struck by the thought that in the UAE, country with rich and elaborate hospitality heritage, tea was undeservedly put into oblivion, although it was odd as the UAE is surrounded by “tea” countries like India, Sri Lanka and Kenya and China being also not so far.

At early stages the young company was just trading in ready tea blends offered by famous and not so famous producers, and was following simple yet serving the moment principle to offer high quality product at a reasonable price. The motto of the company by then was: “Bringing you to the world of tea” as if instinctively bringing tea back from oblivion into people’s everyday life. By the year 2009 the company had already gone a long way in achieving its goal to familiarize and accustom Emirates’ local population and its guests to tea culture and traditions. Moreover, close partnership ties were established with leading companies of the tea industry.

But the beginning of this amazing story was laid by another Russian woman, Olga’s mother, who, when carrying Olga under her heart, was craving only for freshly brewed and richly flavored nice cup of tea. So, passion for tea was literally fed to Olga with mother’s breast milk! No wonder that later, when she grew up a bit, she fabled her own Tea-Land, where she would be a Queen of a Fairy Land and all her guests and friends were her subjects. Going to sleep she had dreamt that some time she would have a real Tea-Land of her own!

And as it turned to be, the fairy and innocent dream of a child did not vanish in vain but glimmered within and quietly stood in the wings…

A year 2009 came in as a breaking point. The philosophy and strategy of the company had undergone radical turn towards Company’s new motto “Genuine Tea Leaf”, implying uncompromising approach to the choice of tea grades quality.

From the shadow of a small tea trader had risen a robust enterprise TEALAND, the very same Tea-Land from little girl’s dream!
The Land, where all people live and evolve according to “Tea Code”: your day starts with tea, negotiations are accompanied by cup of tea, with a cup of tea you have a break, you cure your fever, you quench your thirst, you treat your guests and simply enjoy yourself with its vast diversity of flavors.
At present Tealand is a land of tea, where teas and tea ceremonies from all over the world live together in tune.

Tealand is a team of professionals, obsessed with ultimate goal to create tea flavors of utmost taste and quality. It is a knowledgeable and responsive staff ever ready to share its vast knowledge with clients.

Tealand is a diversity of resplendent accessories that radiate an atmosphere of cordiality and love.

Tealand is a registered Trade Mark.

Tealand is a unified integral concept that starts with selection of high quality tea leave and choice of unique blends, offering diversified combinations of tea accessories pertaining to nations’ tea ceremonies worldwide.

Tealand is a harmony from within, and we wish to share it with the rest of the world.

No other beverage on Earth can stand comparison with tea; it cannot be consumed in a hurry. The tea Connoisseur will never:

-have tea with sugar

-have stale tea

-have tea with enemy

-have tea dust in a bag

-brew tea in an offhand way. Tea takes no fuss!

The goal of the Company – to bring a healthy tea beverage to each household, to reveal for each person the universe of centuries old tea heritage and consumption culture that promotes rejuvenation of body and soul.

Tealand tea – your life companion forever!

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