Pricing and Ordering
Tealand provides a special export price for a minimum purchase amount. The pricelist will be provided upon receipt of required information from the buyer.

We accommodate repacking according to your requirement which is subject to ten percent (10%) price increment.

Location and availability of goods may affect the amount of time for delivery which customer will be informed about. Shipment cost and transport insurance will be covered by the customer and order will be processed upon receipt of fifty percent (50%) down payment.

Replacement is possible if deemed valid by Tealand. The replacement item/s shall be included on the next scheduled delivery.

If the product you wish to purchase is not available or out of stock, Tealand will find a way and will allow back orders. Our requirement is fifty percent (50%) payment on the total amount of goods required.

For export sales, we require a payment of fifty percent (50%) against the total purchase amount. The remaining balance is payable upon receipt of Bill of Lading.

Right of Refusal
Tealand reserves the right to refuse service or credit.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service associate.

E-mail: info@tealand.ae
Telephone: +971 4 2851085
Fax: +971 4 2851086

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